Bikaneri Bhujia

As the name suggests, it is dish originated from Bikaner, a town in the state of Rajesthan. Its often simply called Bhujia. It is a famous crispy snack prepared by using besan(gram flour) and spices. Its other ingredients include moth dal, vegetable oil, salt , red chilli, black pepper, cardamom,cloves etc.It is light Yellow in colour & the most popular Indian snack consumed throughout the world.
Available in Packs: 1Kg, 500g, 400g, 200g. Also in Rs. 10 & Rs. 5 Pack

Moong Dal

A very simple elegent Namkeen "Moong Dal" - Very Light,Very Crispy, High in Protein, Low in Fat. Moong Dal is Fried in edible oil at a constant and fixed temperature which gives it the right combination of yellow and golden colour. Salt is added to bring in the Taste. Its truely delicious and packed with care. It serves the appetite of a small child to an 80 yr old. After all Moong Dal is enriched with goodness.
Available In Packs: 400g, 200g. Also in Rs10 & Rs 5 Pack


The Mother of all mixtures the "Chabeni Mixture". Hot, Spicy, Tangy, Salty, Crispy what more can you ask for? Every Bite will give a new Taste, a new flavour, a new experience. Each Product such as Gram Pulse, Potato Wafers, Lentils Ground Nuts, Bhujia are fried separately in Edible Oil and then mixed with each other in the right quantity. To make the product yummy, an authentic blend of spices such as Black Pepper, Dry Ginger, Clove, Nutmeg, Red Chillies, Cardamoms, Natural Herbs are added to bring in the Rajasthani taste.
Available In Packs: 400g, 200g. Also in Rs. 10 & Rs. 5 Pack

All In One

Limitless variety of namkeens by Bengal Gram Flour, Moth Gram Flour, Peanuts, Split Bengal Gram, Potato Sticks, Cornflakes, Rice Flakes, Sagoo, Water Melon Seed, Bhujia are mixed to form "ALL IN ONE", with gamut of spices to tantalize your taste bud. .
Available In Packs: 400g, 200g. Also in Rs. 10 Pack

Khatta Mitha

It's a Tongue-Tickling Combination of Sweet and Sour. It's a Soft Mixture with Authentic Varity of Ingredients such as Gram, Gram Pulse Flour, Sugar, Lentils, Edible Oil, Bhujia, Ground Nuts and filled with aroma of Pepper, Ginger, Clove, Cardamom, Curry Leaves and Herbs. That's not all a bit of Red Chilli too to entangle the taste bud. It has 0% Cholesterol ensuring better health.
Available In Packs: 400g, 200g. Also in Rs. 10 & Rs. 5 Pack

Aloo Bhujia

Crunchy Potato Shreds Flavored with Mint, Chilli and exotics Spices.Its Main Ingredients are Dried Potato , Gram Flour, Moth Flour, Tapioca Starch, Salt, Chilli, Ginger, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Cloves, Mint, Edible Oil. It's Ready to Eat, delicious as a snacks or appetizer.
Available In Packs: 200g, Rs. 10 and Rs. 5 Pack


The name itself says all about it. it is soft is very crunchy, Very mild in taste and melts very fast in the mouth. Its ingredients are Gram Pulses, Flaked Rice, Sago, Peanuts, Potato, Green Peas, Edible Oil, Curry Leaves, Sugar, Iodized Salt, Chillies, Spices and Citric Acid. A Light non Spicy Mixture.
Available In Packs: 400g, 200g

Jeera Nimki

A very delicious tea time snack, made of white flour, they are very tasty and light crunchy snacks that can be made anywhere anytime without any hastle. The Ingredients and its making is very simple. Just take Gram Flour and add Jeera, Ajwan and Salt. And mix it by adding some water to make tight dough. Then roll it on the Flat Platform and cut it into diamond shape and fry it in edible oil. The Delicious Jeera Nimki is ready to eat.
Available In Packs: 200g & 400g Plastic Box

Dry Fruit Samosa

It's not a normal Samosa. It's a " Dry Fruit " Samosa. A small cone shape is made with the help of Gram Flour Dough, then it is stuffed with Rich Cashew , Raisins, Almonds,Gram Flour, Chilies, Iodized Salt, Sugar & other Spices and finally Fried in Edible Oil to bring a crispy and crunchy Taste. it's a all rounder Snacks because it's a great combination of sweet & spice. Be it starter at a Party, Take away for a Picnic, a light snack in the Evening, or just something to fullfill your hunger. Kids to Grown -Up, Samosha is Loved by Everyone.
Available In Packs: 200g and 500g in Plastic Box

Dry Fruit Cornflakes

How can you stop children if Elder's don't stop Munching Bhikharam Chandmal's " Dry Fruit Cornflakes Mix ". It's a Low fat version of Popular Indian Snacks. It is Light , Sweet, Sour & a Bit Spicy to enhance its Flavour. This Mix mainly contains Cornflakes(29%), Gram Flour, Potato alt, Chilli, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Cloves & Spinach. It's a Royal Product for the Royal People.
Available In Packs: 200g

Jhal Muri (Pudina & Mustard, Spicy Tomato & Masala):

Jhal Muri is a popular street food in West Bengal, an eastern state of India. It is a great snack food - light, healthy and quick to fix and bursting with flavors ... spicy, tangy, crispy, crunchy & punchy. Jhal Muri is to a Bengali what Bhel Puri is to an Mumbaikar; only that the seasonings differ. Items such as Cucumber, Onion, Tomato etc... can be thrown together in a few minutes which makes a terrific light lunch or evening snack.

Available In Packs: Rs. 5 & 400g Jar