Mc Fee Chips

May we present a brilliantly cooked McFEE Potato Chips. Tangy & sharp "Salty" flavour will ask you to grab it more. Its Flavor "La Tamatino" the taste, coming straight from Spain. If you love the big cheese flavor you will surely go for "Cheesy Onion" cheese with a bang with Onion. Who doesn't like Thai flavor? Exactly. The "Sweet chilli" flavor will bring a taste explosion in your mouth. And the last but not the least our most favorite all time hit flavor "Masala" best in class. A taste of international standard.

Available In Packs: Rs. 5 & Rs. 10


Boondi (boondi) is a fried Rajasthani sweet snack made from chickpea flour. Boondi is popularly used to prepare 'Raita' in North India. Raita is a curd based dish. Raita Boondi typically contains curd (Plain Yoghurt), Boondi (which has been soaked in water to make it soft, and then sieved and added to the curd) with seasonings of salt, spices, chili , etc. It is eaten as a side dish with Pulao, or any other meal. It is also used as a topping in various chaats Items.
Available In Pack: 200g & 300g Plastic Box

Chirwa Mix (Black Pepper & Red Chilly)

Chirwa Mix is very appetizing and crunchy. The ingredients of this mixture include battered rice, peanuts, dal, edible oil and many other spices. it is a perfect snacks to consume at the evening tea time. The addition of a dash of lemon makes it tangy and the sprouted Mung Dal & Bengal Grams along with roasted peanuts add the crunchiness to the crispy Chirwa. This is incomplete without a drizzle of Mustard oil which gives it a punch or some would say Pungent Flavor but it is the soul of this dish.
Available In Pack: Rs. 5 pack & 200g