Bhikharam Chandmal

The business started 125 years back when an improverished man 'Tanuskhdas Agarwal' started making a snack product called 'Bhujia'(Fried Product)in Bikaner(a small town in India). He started going around the streets to search for customers and serve them hot fried snacks. He than set up a small shop and rapidly 'Bhujia' became the most famous snack product name in that small town. Soon his son Mr Bhikharam took over the responsibility but all other siblings didn't take any interest in that buisness instead they preffered selling common items such as fennel & Nutmug. After that Mr. Bhikharam his son Mr. Chandmal took the charge and maintained the business. After Mr. Chandmal, all his son(s) took the responsibility to grow the buisness and gave a name to the company "Bhikharam Chandmal" since it was a tradition in those days to start a buisness on their ancestor's name. Since then Bhikharam Chandmal has always tried giving the right quality of Snacks and Serving the Nation for more than 125 Years by supplying more than Hundred Products.
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